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    Community Ask The Community

    If you have a specific question regarding to the site then feel free to post it here so others can help if required.
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    Issues Improvements

    It's a priority to make the website safe for our users so we ask that any issues/errors you encounter should be posted within this section.
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    Feedback Suggestions

    To make the website easier to use, please ensure you post it within this section so that staff can review it.
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    General Mobile Rules

    Discuss everything iPhone, Android and other phones related in this section of the forums.
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    General Steam Rules

    If you want to make a sale linked to Steam or gift users games via Steam then permission is granted.
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    General PC Rules

    To showcase your setup or anything related to PC should be posted under this section of the forums.
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    General Xbox Rules

    Only these items are permitted: JTAG and RGH consoles Xbox retail consoles Xbox visual console mods such as cases Xbox controllers Xbox accessories Xbox retail games Xbox capture cards Broken, RROD, or banned Xbox retail consoles Stealth services Prohibited items include: xk3y Codes Accounts...
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    General Playstation Rules

    Only these items are permitted: Jailbroken consoles PlayStation retail consoles PlayStation visual console mods such as cases PlayStation controllers PlayStation accessories PlayStation retail games Capture cards Broken or banned PlayStation retail consoles Prohibited items include: Codes...
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    General GTA Rules

    Sellers must post pictures or videos proving they can provide the services being offered. Sellers must use only forum replies, private messages to communicate with buyers.
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    General FIFA Rules

    Everything related to FIFA such as ultimate team, points and specific players can be discussed here.
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    General Share Your Social Usernames

    To grow your following and help others grow simply share your social username for Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and others.
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    General Graphics Rules

    If you like to design graphics and would like to sell your services then you're allowed in this forum.
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    Other Accounts Marketplace Rules

    Gaming-related digital items are permitted for sale. Prohibited items include: Botting services Google accounts and YouTube channels Fraudulently obtained items Ebooks and "make quick money" methods Microsoft Windows and Office product codes
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    General Achievements & Questions

    Post anything in this section which doesn't have a related forum.
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    Introduction Introduce Yourself

    If your new around here then feel free to introduce yourself to the community. Let's grow as a community by getting to know each other better.