Programming How To Mine Cryptocurrency (Tutorial)


Staff member
Nov 23, 2020
Many people are curious on how it works, the ability to seamlessly use a computer to its maximum capacity to gather as much cryptocurrency as possible. What is cryptocurrency and how can you benefit from it? Consider it to be virtual funds you can apply on purchasing goods and services or whether that be a long term financial investment. I'd highly recommend to start mining crypto today with the method i will be teaching you.

The processes involved:

Step 1: Buy the appropriate computer hardware according to your budget.
Step 2: Make sure that there is enough cooling in your system since the graphics card is used for the mining.
Step 3: You can setup your own wallet where you can store virtual funds such as crypto for litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum and other tokens.
Step 4: Download mining software that enables you to start mining cryptocurrency.
Step 5: Join the mining pool to keep a track of your earnings, insights including power consumption.

Congratulations, you have successfully learnt how to start mining cryptocurrency with the use of a computer. Have fun!